Top 5 Trekking Spots in Bali

Here in Bali, not only you can dive, surf, snorkel, enjoy the culture and the delicious food, but you can also immerse yourself in the beautiful nature that the island has to offer. Do you like a little exercise? Then trekking might be something for you. There are many trekking tours on Bali at different levels. Below are our top 5 trekking spots.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the most famous and well-known trekking spots. At 1,717m above sea level, the active volcano is the second-highest point in Indonesia. Because of the beautiful view of the island, it’s one of the most popular hikes among tourists. To get the most stunning view of the sunset, you have to depart at 4 AM. It’s recommended to hire a guide to accompany you. There are two main routes for this hike. There is one for the advanced level that takes about two to three hours to reach the top and the easier one that is only about 45 minutes to the top. To get to Mount Batur, the most common and easiest way is by booking a sunrise hike that includes hotel pickup. Most trekking companies include this in their rate, and the price varies on your pickup location. It is more than likely to stay in Ubud or down in one of the beach towns by Kuta. The price of the hike depends on the size of the group your hiking with and whether you choose the long or short tour, but it will be between IDR 500K and IDR 900K. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, because it can be cold up there. 

West Bali National Park

In this article – untouched Bali National Park– it has already been mentioned, but here you have the most magnificent treks in nature. In this piece of untouched nature, you can spot many animals, enjoy the ancient forests, and rest on the quiet beaches. The treks here must be done under the guidance of an official guide. There is a short trek of 2 hours, but it’s recommended -if you’re there anyway after probably a long journey- to do the 8-hour trek through the entire park. Depending on which hike you choose the price will be between IDR 550K and IDR 825K for two persons.  

The Twin Lake

Photo credit @sethlestath

This trek goes past temples, through the jungle and as a highlight along the two most beautiful lakes in Bali, the Tamblingan lake and the Buyan lake. From Canggu, it’s only 2 hours drive up to get to the prettiest landscapes. There are waterfalls in this area that would surprise you and the temples are located in the middle of nature. To do a 3 to 4-hour trek under the guidance of a guide, it’ll cost you about IDR 800K per person. Because you will head high and climb the mountains during this hike, you should not forget to bring warm clothes.


The Sambangan trek will lead you to the real nature waterfalls far in the North of Bali. This trek takes 5 to 7 hours to complete. Because of this green, natural, refreshing and unspoiled landscape, the village is called ‘’Secret Garden’’. There are seven waterfalls located in Sambangan village, as well as plantations and rice fields that are a pleasure to the eyes. This trek, where you make your way through beautiful waters and occasionally take a dive under the waterfalls, will cost you about IDR 500K per person. 

The Old Nature Cave

Slightly more central then the rest of the treks in this list, this spot starts at the famous Sangeh Monkey forest, so tour guaranteed to see monkeys. Via the farmers and rice fields, you come to magnificent flora and fauna and tropical birds and animals. Explore the old nature cave skirting the Penet River Valley. After this, you can visit an old traditional village and learn how to plait a pandan mat. The price of this 6-hour hike is about IDR 750K per person.